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"July 29, 2015 Marc & Russ, How do I begin to put into words what the two of you and Keystone have done for our family? You are men of your word. You both have made such a difficult and challenging process so much easier for Alicia and me. We started out with a dream and many prayers, God brought us you both. Along the way he had many challenges for us, the most difficult of which was his choice to call Jordan home. To this day, I do not understand why such a young man with so much promise was taken from you, Russ, but I do know that it truly sealed our relationship and I believe he has watched over us these 3 1/2 years. Our project being a new funeral home business and a new funeral home, really presented some challenges for all of us. You both had to endure so many things in adjusting to our area, our township regulations and the sub contractors, You are amazing at what you do and most of all at making the process so much easier for the owner who is building. You really shouldered the largest of headaches and buffered everything so well. I don't know how God put so much patience in you, Marc, not only to deal with the government agencies, and the subs, but also with a very meticulous and hands on owner. Alicia and I are truly blessed that you both have become a part of our lives, After a year, our building is still so beautiful and has nearly no issues to deal with for a final punch list. I am amazed at how it has held up and how your assistance with design and materials has really paid off for us. Most of all, our families have benefited the most from what you do. We have had an overwhelming response from the public about how amazing our building is, the construction, the details, the workmanship. I am proud to tell everyone who made it happen. The families are truly the ones who reap the benefits of how meticulous and caring you are to work with. I met with TWC, I met with the local folks and none of them could touch your price or the build time. This was part of my concern, as sometimes you get what you pay for. With you, Marc & Russ, not only have we gotten more than what we paid for, we have gotten so much more than we could have imagined. It is hard to believe we ended up with such an amazing masterpiece for so much less money than everyone else wanted to charge us. Thank you so much for who you are, first and foremost. You truly put my family and my funeral home project before your own needs and Alicia and I will be forever grateful for the work you have done and the friendship we have developed. I look forward to working with you again on our next project we are starting in April. I know that you are the only ones I would trust to handle our project. Kind Regards, Russ & Alicia Walbert"
Russ & Alicia Walbert
Walbert Funeral Home & Cremation Services, PC

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