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About Keystone Design Build

Cultivating Trust, Creating Success with Honesty and Integrity

At Keystone Design Build, our commitment extends far beyond bricks and mortar. We're dedicated to fostering enduring relationships because we understand that your trust is the bedrock of our collaboration. With honesty and integrity as our guiding principles, your investment in the future isn't just about construction; it's about realizing your dreams.

Unlock the potential of your vision. Let us be the driving force behind its transformation into reality.


Meet The Team

Dedicated. Experienced. Passionate.

Our team is the backbone of our success – a group of dedicated, experienced, and passionate professionals who bring creativity and expertise to every project. We take pride in our ability to exceed expectations, consistently delivering superior results that not only meet but surpass our clients' aspirations. Get to know our team members below.



Owner & Project Manager

 Marc has been an owner and project manager since 2003. His goal is making client satisfaction, attention to detail, and communication a priority with our clients.

In Marc's spare time, Cheryl(Marc's wife) and him enjoy traveling, and doing a lot of summertime camping and entertaining with family and friends. 

(320) 761-8062

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Development Consultant

Grant is an outdoor enthusiast. Whether it comes to hunting or fishing, he has a knack for being in nature. What sets Grant apart is his ability to make friends wherever he goes.  With years in sales experience his approachable nature brings people together, and his positive spirit is contagious. 

(320) 339-9978

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Project Manager

Sam has been a project manager with Keystone Design Build for 8 years. He enjoys meeting with clients and helping them along the entire build process, from concept to completion. Outside of work, Sam enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, playing music and enduring the pain of watching Minnesota sport. 

(320) 241-5234

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Office Administrator 


(320) 253-3301

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Middle Aged Woman

Whether you're envisioning a state-of-the-art dental clinic, a vibrant retail center, a welcoming restaurant, or any commercial venture, our team is equipped with the expertise and passion to bring your ideas to fruition. From concept to completion, we prioritize collaboration, attention to detail, and exceeding your expectations.​​​​

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