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Design through completion. Specializing in Dental Clinics and All Construction Services

Integrated Construction Solutions

Your Journey from Concept to Completion with Keystone Design Build

Join hands with Keystone's design and construction experts for an integrated construction experience. Be a part of every stage, from initial conceptualization to project fulfillment.

  • Needs Assessment

  • Site Selection / Procurement

  • Representation in Municipality Approvals

  • Value Engineering

  • General Contracting

  • Construction Management

  • Project Administration

  • Use of Local Labor and Materials

Dental Clinic Design Build Services

As you consider the path to a new, comfortable, more efficient dental clinic, the first step is to determine who to work with for design and construction of your new dental clinic. 


Will your supplier, local architect or builder know the following about dental design/build construction?

  • Do they understand local and State building codes?

  • Do they have experience in dental clinic design/build?

  • Do they understand design and construction requirements for dental equipment?

  • Do they initially discuss budgets and building floor plan requirements?

  • Do they discuss HVAC, sunlight and energy efficiency (with consideration of operatory placement)?

  • Do they discuss engineering, efficient interior design and cabinetry design?

  • Do they understand auto clave/sterilization venting?

  • Would they discuss any special carts or equipment unique to you?

  • Will the fee include: Assistance with Site Selection, City issues, bank financing, architectural, structural, civil engineering fees?

Keystone Design Build does!

Call 320.253.3301 or 320.761.8062 Cell

Commercial / Industrial Design Build Services

Embarking on a journey to establish a functional and productive commercial/industrial space? The initial step is crucial: selecting the right design build team. Consider the following:

Will your local architect or builder be equipped with the following essential knowledge for commercial/industrial construction?

  • Are they well-versed in designing and constructing large-scale commercial/industrial facilities?

  • Do they stay updated with modern trends and innovative practices in this field?

  • Do they understand the specific mechanical systems and their requirements for industrial-scale setups?

  • Can they develop optimal layout designs to enhance workflow and productivity in such spaces?

  • Do they possess comprehensive knowledge of specialized equipment and technology used in industrial environments?

  • Can they skillfully plan retail or display areas within commercial ventures?

  • Do they appreciate the importance of communal spaces in fostering collaboration and productivity?

  • Are they adept at streamlining operations to improve efficiency within commercial/industrial settings?


Keystone Design Build does!

Call 320.253.3301 or 320.761.8062 Cell

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